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United Standard, The Milan Fashion Brand You Need To Know

It is impossible to take your eyes off this Italian streetwear brand of clothing and accessories that has made a lot of talk in recent months: Unit...

Luxury Brands and Mafia, A Shared Problem: Interview Abiti Puliti

 We talk a lot about fast fashion and its questionable sourcing. Is there really a difference between luxury houses and fast fashion? Or is this a ...

How Alessandro Dell’Acqua Became Fashion’s Boy Wonder With N°21

 Italy is going through one of the darkest economic chapters of its history, but its fashion scene is being reborn. Alessandro Dell’Acqua, who cele...

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Flavien Juan Nunez, a Fashion Phoenix

Three fashion design school graduates have been awarded with a LVMH Prize in 2014, for the inaugural edition: Peter Do, Teruhiro Hasegawa and Flavi...

ANDAM and Nathalie Dufour Save a Generation of Designers

 Due to the exceptional circumstances, the ANDAM Grand Prix and Accessories Prize are deferred to next year; the applications for the Pierre Bergé ...

Daniel Fletcher, Superstar Menswear designer

British menswear designer Daniel Fletcher has been appointed as the Menswear Artistic Director of Italian fashion label Fiorucci, 4 months ago. Dan...

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Uberization: Luxury Is Behind Schedule

 What is uberization?  It’s a very broad concept. Uberization is the implementation of an innovative economic model to destabilise a market, using ...

Fashion Salaries: When You Need To Pay For Work

 Anyone working as an assistant designer in 2018 would earn an average salary of 46,910 U.S. dollars a year. But in 2019, they would only earn 40,4...

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